Far From the Apple Tree Soundtrack nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year Award

Delighted for Rose McDowall and Shawn Pinchbeck that their great soundtrack for Far From the Apple Tree, on Glass Modern is nominated for the SAY Scottish Album of the Year Awards.


This is what the website has to say about the award:

Since its inauguration in 2012, The SAY Award has grown to become Scotland’s most popular and prestigious music prize. 

Wielding a £20,000 prize for the winner, 9 runner-up prizes of £1,000 each and a design commission which highlights the enduring links between music, art and design in Scotland, The SAY Award is respected by artists, valued by the industry and is responsible for both a surge in musical discovery and an explosion of impassioned debate on social media. Placing artistic merit before sales history, genre or record label affiliation, The SAY Award dispenses with categorisation, opting instead for the creation of a bold, unifying platform from which Scotland’s most outstanding albums – across all genres – can be celebrated, discovered and championed.

With previous Longlist titles featuring hip-hop, rock, alternative, traditional, folk, classical, dubstep, reggae, pop and jazz, The SAY Award accommodates Scottish music in all its influential, inspiring and idiosyncratic glory. From mainstream platinum sellers to self-released left-field debut records, The SAY Award has illuminated Scotland’s music scene with the ambition, credibility and commitment our artists’ endeavours so richly deserve.

As we all try to navigate new challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The SAY Award campaign will go digital in 2020. In line with Government guidelines and with audience and artists’ safety at the forefront, The SAY Award’s live events will move online this year, meaning music fans across the country will have the chance to be part of the traditionally exclusive final award ceremony. 

All over the world, the music industry is striving to ascertain how to operate in this new normal, as the ramifications of the massive economic and  cultural impacts continue to be felt. The SAY Award is committed to providing Scottish artists and music fans with an inspiring campaign which embodies the passion and resolute nature of Scotland’s ever evolving music scene. 

The albums celebrated by The SAY Award, spanning all genres and sounds, are the stories of Scotland’s people. At this time of crisis, when much of our culture is confined to our borders, it is more important than ever before to shine a light on the incredible talent Scotland has to offer. With international opportunities and visibility for Scottish music significantly limited at present, this year The SAY Award will feature Judges from four selected international territories for the first time in the award’s history; building upon and maintaining vital and valued international links for Scottish music. 

It is without doubt that the past few months of lockdown have created significant challenges at all levels within the music industry, however, the resilience and determination of the musical community within Scotland has proven that music truly has no boundaries, as The SAY Award brings people together to celebrate the passion, value and diversity of Scottish music in 2020. 

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