Grant and Directing

I’ve directed some films so I call myself a director.

Some of the films I’ve directed have been paid for (by other people) and some have been shown on the TV, at cinemas and festivals. Some have even won awards. In the interests of fairness however, a couple of the films have had really terrible reviews but I like to interpret those in a way which makes me sound like they really mean I’m some kind of maverick.

Regardless of the reviews though, I do like to see myself as a creative and exciting director who is always trying to achieve originality in all aspects of a film’s production.

Unlike many directors, I’ve not had any formal training. I started my career as a camera assistant and worked my way up through the camera department ranks which has allowed me to work with – and learn from – some of my favourite directors and cinematographers. It really was great experience as it allowed me to sneakily ask questions and advice from those more experienced to aid my own films.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Ken Loach, Danny Boyle, Jonathan Glazer, Stephen Soderbergh, George Clooney, Neil Marshall, Christopher Doyle, Anthony Dod Mantle and the ‘blue’ television ‘comedian’ Jim Davidson who were all amazing to learn from. Well, maybe less so Jim. And I’ve been lucky to watch the process of them directing actors such as Scarlett Johansson, Bob Hoskins, Brad Pitt, Rutger Hauer, Keira Knightley, Adrien Brody, Daniel Craig, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway and the hilarious television star Jack Whitehall. All amazing experiences which I’ve been incredibly honoured to have observed.

Anyway, more about me and my films…

…These awards and festivals I mentioned, below is a selected list/filmography of them:


‘Teenage Superstars’ – Feature Documentary (2017). BBC Scotland/Creative Scotland

Edinburgh International Film Festival. Nominee: Audience Award, Best Documentary

Raindance Film Festival


‘Far From the Apple Tree’ – Feature (2017). Post Production


Featured at 2017’s EIFF ‘Works in Progress’ strand


‘Big Gold Dream’ – Feature Documentary (2015). BBC Scotland/Creative Scotland

Edinburgh International Film Festival. Winner: Audience Award

Raindance Film Festival

Leeds Film Festival

Cambridge Film Festival

Sight and Sound Best of 2015

BIFA Long List for Best Documentary


Sarah’s Room – Feature Drama (2014)

Bafta Scotland NT 2014 Nominee: Best Soundtrack

Bafta Scotland NT 2014 Nominee: Sound Design

Jerome Indie Film Festival. Winner: Best Film

Bootleg New York. Winner: Best Cinematography

Fife Film Expo. Winner: Best Film

Fife Film Expo. Winner: Best Cinematography

Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival. Runner up: Best Film


Autograph Hunters – Documentary Short (2005)

Edinburgh International Film Festival: Nominee, Grierson Award

If you want to know more, the page has a bit more info on the films and a blog with a bit more on how I made them, and my experiences (and some of the bad reviews).