The Visuals of ‘Far From The Apple Tree’ : Creating a Film Using Multiple Formats


Far From the Apple Tree is an ambitious Scottish independent feature film, to be released next year.


Far From the Apple Tree Poster

In the film we follow Judith, a struggling artist who is given her ultimate wish – a residency at the home of a renowned and controversial visual artist. However, we and Judith slowly come to realise that there may be sinister reasons behind this job offer. Judith discovers that she bears an uncanny resemblance to the artist’s missing daughter who appears to have vanished under mysterious circumstances. A fascination develops within Judith for the missing daughter, and a horrifying secret which she begins to uncover forms the basis of the movie. Unfortunately for Judith her new mentor believes she already knows the secret…

You can view the extended teaser we made below for the EIFF17 Works in Progress event, where it was featured as ‘showcasing ten of the most exciting films currently in production’.

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Teenage Superstars at Cork International Festival


Delighted that Teenage Superstars will be screened in Ireland, at the Cork International Film Festival

ts super


Here’s their blurb:


The Glasgow suburbs of the 1980’s may seem an unlikely launchpad for a musical revolution, especially one which would eventually span the oceans and in influence some of the biggest names in rock history, but that’s exactly what happened. Spurred on by a young Stephen McRobbie (forever known as Stephen Pastel), the youths from such suburbs as East Kilbride and Belshill were soon setting the world alight in bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and The Soup Dragons. Director Grant McPhee (Big Gold Dream) has crafted an endearing, jangly love letter to these bands and their contemporaries, like BMX Bandits and The Vaselines (whom Kurt Cobain once heralded as his ‘favourite songwriters in the whole world’).

Director: Grant McPhee
Producer(s): Grant McPhee, Wendy Griffin
Screenwriter(s): Grant McPhee, Angela Slaven
Main Cast: Edwyn Collins, Bobby Gillespie, Jim Reid, Sean Dickson, Eugene Kelly, Alan McGee


They also have a documentary panel which I’m excited to be a part of:



This round-table will explore the state of play of documentary filmmaking in 2017, with a panel of established Irish and international documentary filmmakers, discussing their individual career trajectories, how to sustain a career as a documentary filmmaker, and identifying the current and future challenges for documentary filmmaking.


Grant McPhee | Director, Teenage Superstars

Pascale Lamche | Director, Winnie

Neasa Ní Chianáin | Director, School Life

Alexandru Solomon | Director, Tarzan’s Testicles



Wigilia – Making a Feature in 5 Days for not much money.

work in progress…


Wigilia is a film I produced and was also the cinematographer for.  It was directed by my friend, the very talented Graham Drysdale.

This post is how we made it, why we made it and how you too can make your own feature film in 5 days -if you want to that is.

It’s a long entry but it’s written so you can dip in and out.  Hopefully there’s a lot of information that’s useful if you’re planning to make a film, or at the least some advice not to take.

There’s a little preface by myself and the more useful parts are:

Interview with Director Graham Drysdale

Interview with Producer Steven Moore,

Interview with 1st AD Matt Cooper

Interview with Duglas T Stewart.

At the end there’s a little about the cinematography, post production and how we made it available to the public (including the many distribution struggles).

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