Lori and the Six Six Sixties – 16mm Feature Teaser

This is the first teaser from Lori and the Six Six Sixties.

Six Six Sixties is an experimental feature film project.

Its inspirations are 1) Tony Wilson’s theory of Praxis – that you do something to work out later why you did it, 2) 1970s teen exploitation films – specifically Never Too Young to Rock where the producers loosely constructed a plot around some ageing Glam Rock stars to make a feature, 3) 1960s and 1970s pop promos/public information films/corporate training videos with some shonky camera work, 4) Euro Arthouse horror films from the early 70s, 5) Fairytales, Hauntology, Folk Horror, 6) Experimental filmmakers such as Kenneth Anger and Maya Deren and 7) The House on the Borderland

We shot the film without a script or really much of an outline over an incredibly short period of time. Rather than make it as simple as possible and stick to one location, as many micro budgeted features do we tried to make the locations as difficult and inaccessible as possible to sharpen our creativity. Additionally, to add to the awkward factor we decided to shoot the film on 16mm but in a very improvised fashion to try and maintain the feel of genuine 1970s documentary filmmaking instead of carefully planning anything.

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