16mm Music Video – Fast Camels – Blissful Serenity

New video for the excellent Glasgow psyche-pop band – The Fast Camels.

Filmed as part of my new feature (provisionally titled Six Six Sixties) which also stars the band.

The footage was shot as a variety of experiments. 1) being Tony Wilson’s theory of praxis where you do something and only later discover the real reasons as to why you did it, and 2) to purposely contrast the usual method of shooting film (i.e. being incredibly precise and planned) by using it in a documentary-esque ‘see what happens’ fashion and hope to create something interesting.

An added bonus of shooting film without thinking too much about compositions is that it helps create the correct feel for the video. I wanted to have something that felt like a combination between mid – late 1960s early music videos, British public information films/corporate films from the early 70s and trashy early 70s European horror/art films.

It was mostly shot on two early 60s Eclair NPRs with various old zooms to give it a fairly authentic feel.

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